Onne Gorter

A motivated programmer, computer scientist, inventor, out of the box thinker, learner, wannabe philosopher.

Well expressed code is a tool for understanding.

Nov 2016 Framer Product Engineer framer.com

UX prototyping tool for graphics and code.

Developing the core Framer product. Focusing on internal architecture, performant data structures, compiling and running user code. Main code base is typescript with the UI done by react.

Also worked on a code editor to support beginner programmers. Tracking the last tokens the user typed to inform autocomplete to autoinsert tokens and autofix common mistakes. Also tracking opening and closing braces and indentation to suggest best place to fix errors.

Jun 2015 Leverlabs Tinkerer leverlabs.io

Sabbatical, cool projects, reading, learning, experimenting.

Developed a massive multiplayer webgl game set in space. Players get to design and fly their own ships. Play as shooter or as RTS. (Link: space.leverlabs.io, try beat the AI!)

Working on a programming language called Hotel, a language that makes every concept first-class and focused on humans writing code. (Link: github.com/onnlucky/hotel)

Sep 2007 ActiveVideo Senior Software EngineerFellow activevideo.com

Streaming GUI interfaces to TVs via smart mpeg encoding.

Developed a distributed, fail-over, performant, router that manages all active set-tops and backend-resources. Using masterless 3-phase-commit with a random number based conflict resolution. With many, somewhat easy to write, plugins for customization per deployment.

Created a tile based, content addressable, GUI technique to efficiently scale rendering graphics and animations streaming over mpeg. First applied in a custom XML/CSS/Javascript based environment. Later build into a fork of webkit (running 32 fps stretched over 32/24 seconds for deterministic fp).

Co-authored 5 patents.

May 2005 Nokia Senior Software EngineerTechnical Manager nokia.com

Responsible for the addressbook of the 770 and N800 Linux tablets.

Developing the Addressbook integrating with email and instant messaging features of the device.

Managing and planning the project, working with design team, hiring external developers, managing testers, translators, budgets, etc.

Jul 2004 Cinnamon Interactive Software Engineer

Web 2.0 developer, both frontend and backend. Created an svn based continuous delivery workflow.

Oct 2002 Philips Intern philips.com

Building a UPnP "Smart Remote" integrating TV and second screen.

Aug 1999 University Twente StudentStudent Assistant utwente.nl

Master in Computer Science.

Assisting many OOP, FP and hardware courses. Teaching a functional programming course.

Expert Level Skills

Programming Languages
Typescript, Javascript, Java, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, SQL.
OOP, FP, high performance, architecture, API design, distributed systems, algorithms, testability.
HTML, CSS, React, Java, nodejs, Posix.
English, Dutch.

Other Skills

Often have been the lead developer. Seen and managed the technical side of many projects from inception to bringing into production. Occasionally teach programming, did so last year for Codaisseur.

Sometimes use other languages and environments like iOS, Android, or languages like ruby, go, rust. Also enjoy embedded work like Arduino, ESP8266.


github: http://github.com/onnlucky
linkedin: Onne Gorter


Author of AntiRSI and other small apps and games.

I also blog at onnlucky.com and am on twitter as @onnlucky about my worldview.

I've written a paper on consciousness: Consciousness From a Learning Perspective.