AntiRSI at 12.5 Years!

written by Onne Gorter on 2015/10/12

It was probably a Tuesday, probably somewhere February. Probably I had to study for some exam, or write some paper. Having just finished my internship, there was only one year of university left. Somewhere then, twelve and a half years ago, AntiRSI was born.

AntiRSI is an Mac app that will remind you, as non obtrusively as possible, that it is time to take a break from the computer. This really helps eye strain and stress on the hands. Today as relevant as all those years ago. Keep yourself healthy!

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Must have Natural Break Detection

I remember a few days of figuring out how OS X was put together, how cocoa works, reading its developer documentation, google-ing, otool-ing libraries and apps. I couldn't figure out how to do the number one feature I wanted: natural breaks. Until I finally honed in on this undocumented gem: [[ScreenSaverUserInfo sharedInstance] idleTime]. Finding out how to write that one line of code took the majority of the time. The rest was easy.

It always struck me as funny how AntiRSI needed a piece of information so obviously known to the system, because the screensaver and screen blanking depend on it. But how hard it was to get to that information.

A theme I have seen over and over again in my professional career. And I have given some people (myself included) heat for writing APIs that obviously reason about some internal state, but have no means of getting at that state. But that is a story for another time.

12.5 years is a long time ...

Happy Users

I've always received a lot of good feedback on AntiRSI. A big thank you to all who have written to me!

AntiRSI version 1.2 Screenshot, 2004.

To another 12.5 years :) Thank you.

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